Friday, April 06, 2007

Devin Hester Fastest John Madden Athlete Ever

Espn is reporting that Devin Hester has received a 100 speed rating on the upcoming John Madden 2008 video game due for release in August 2008..If this is the case, this would make Devin Hester, the fastest player to ever be on the iconic video game ever...

And, this would spark quite the debate.

Here's Why:

1. Deion Sanders practically never got ran down upon catching in interception or being out in front of a K-return..His 40 time was topped at 4.19 at some point.

2. It was a given that Joey Galloway was fast, but at 33 orso he still runs a solid 4.3...BTW in his early 20's he also ran a 4.1

3. Mike Vick. Nuff SAID....

I can pick more cats to bring up, but i think you got my point. Devin is fast, dont get me wrong, but I think there leaving a couple of cats off the speed list...While were at it, when is John Madden ever going to give Tom Brady the score he rightly desereves...That cat should at the very least be a 99 every single year.

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