Monday, April 09, 2007

Yall gone Actually Make me Defend Don Imus

Let me get straight to the point. Are we really mad at Don Imus really? Really? C'mon, if I had a dollar every time I heard a rapper drop something 10x worse, I'd never have to work another day.Furthermore, If Don Imus were black, his comments wouldve been on HOT 97 as a joke file, and we would download 'em off z-share.The Rutgers women would be on notice from the community , and the jokes would never cease. Yes nappy headed-ho is derogatory, so is Bitch, Video-Ho Slut, Breezie, Freak etc... etc...
I have 3 sisters, and 5 nieces and Last I checked, calling any of them these terms would get me in serious heat, and I sincerely doubt Id be invited back to too many Thanksgiving Day get togethers.
My people, ask yourself HONESTLY, are you more mad that a white man in his MID 60's said it, or that on a daily, we allow our women to be disrespected by rappers, shock jocks, and athletes and we simply shrug it off as entertainment? Game and Kanye all but made a theme song about Video Dancers (who are primarily black) and we did nothing. Pacman Spit on a woman at a bar, and to quote my boy E,
"R-Kelly pretty much speaks for himself"
Before I get the Michael Richard comments, think long and hard about what he said, which was peppered with racial filth and a comment about hanging us from us from trees. Not even in the same ballpark...Don Imus was just the wrong color at the right time and were just playing pile on....
Get at me when he's said omething I havent heard one of my people say in such a manner that would make me sick to my stomach..


At 1:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi again,
also, re. IMUS,
the word 'ho' is a creation of hip hop culture.
We white people don't take it seriously.
It's a joke, like fo' schizzle.
Also, 'nappy headed' is from Sir Duke.

White Americans say 'whore' and 'slut' and
'bad hair day'

So, really, he is being penalized for trying to be contemporary, in this case.
I never liked the guy, anyway.
He's an ass.

Good article, I enjoyed it.

At 10:03 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


welcome to the board...I try to keep all my comments about as real and honest as i would want them to be if we were talking in person...

For the record, Mr. Imus was wrong in his actions and I support his firing(its 2007 by now he should know saying something anything offensive these days is playing with fire) but I dont support all the people who make this drama out to be more then what it really is..


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