Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Lacrosse Welcome to Our World

Dearest Duke Lacrosse Team,
Info: Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans


Just heard the great news that all charges are going to be dropped in the Rape Scandal that was unjustly thrust upon you guys early last summer..Congratulations..Gotta question for you guys, how did it feel? How'd it feel to be presumed guilty before all the facts came out, and have national media critic one after another line up and throw each and every negative racial stereotype they could find about over privileged white kids ? F'ed up huh? I'll also assume that when Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers came down to Durham, you guys about wanted to die huh?

Well, I'm just gonna assume the answer to all my questions is an astounding yes..Guys, in 20 orso years, you'll put this behind you , but just so you know, for this brief moment in time, you have just experienced what it it feels like to be black and victimized....Welcome to our world...You see, in our world, guys like Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson and Marcus Vick get falsely accused of rape and yep just like you probably already know, each and very Fox News Anchor, Womens Defamation League and high and mighty hollier then though socialite comes from out the woodworks to crucify us . Guilt is established in the media long before the first hearing, and publicly, our race is put on trial, as well as the accused...I say again Welcome to our World...

Let me bring this back to reality for you guys for a moment....A lil Real Talk if you will..

If you guys were black, you'd still be considered guilty, just so you know...You'd also be in court at this very moment facing Civil Charges for Sexual Abuse...There'd be those in the media who'd assume your guilt for years following yesterday's verdict, and at least one or two investigative reporters might be inclined enough to dig for years on end until they found a crack in the case..But, you guys dont have to worry about that, its all white...........errrrr, i mean okkk....well, you get my drift... Dont believe me, Ask Kobe....


At 1:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

U R only as capeable as the limitations U give yourself

At 1:26 PM , Blogger P said...

@ Anonymous:


@ Smoothie. . .

Had to be said, enough said. :)

At 9:51 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

annoyed mouse

i dont exactly know where youre going with that...


ya gotta keep em in check...ya feel me!


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