Thursday, April 19, 2007

Memba When You got Your First Pair Of Jordans?

I was in 3rd grade and pictured above is the Very first pair I ever got..Of course mine were red, and MJ had the nerve to put these joints about 2 months later after I got mine, thus making my pair obsolete..MJ was a son of a bitch that way more I think about it..I mean, you know he's putting out a pair 4 times a year, At the start of school, pair 1, Xmas, Pair 2, All star Break pair 3, and right before the summer pair 4...I only got shoes Twice, once at school start, and then again after Xmas, and rarely was MJ's hitting the set twicein a school year..

I digress, I can remember my first pair fondly because I had to walk to school in them..Needless to say I found every hard road and pavement available for this treck. There was a trail that cut about 35 minutes off of this walk, but If I came home with those $110.00 dollar shoes ruined, I was gettin beat down..I remember going to sleep with the box, and reading that book that came with them that talked about special fibers in the shoe blah blah blah....Ultimatly I was just looking at it for the preview of the next pair of Jordans coming out...

My best memory came in school when I got to rock them bad boys on the second week..You never flipped the set on week one..You had to peep the game out to see who was going to show there entire wardrobe...MJ over the next 13 yrs would take 850.00 dollars from me in total..Bruh loved his J's..To bad that only got me 6 pair over that time...


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