Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guess Who The Bulls Get to Play Now...Update

Pretty Much forget everything I said earlier about the east...Well not everything, dont worry this preview wont be near as long, but I do have a team I had winning losing now....

I still have 1 Detroit Sweeping 8 Orlando...No need to into details..That'll be quick

Change 1..2 Seed Cleveland Vs. 7 Seed Washington
Long Story short, no help for Antwaan equals Lebron, and fam making quick work of the WIzards...
Cavs Win Series 4-0

Change 2..3 Seed Toronto Vs. 6 New Jersey..
Toronto's gotta be pissed about this one...They were sitting pretty 2 days ago against the Wizards, but the Nets are a wild card team..To much talent in the backcourt vs. young and inexperienced team equals
Nets Win..4-3
..As a side note, can you imagine how pumped those Raptor fans are gonna be when Vince Carter Walks into there gym for a playoff game as a Raptor..

Change 3..4 Bulls Vs. 5 Heat..The Rematch from last year..My boy E over at bgdboom will no doubt be glued to this one..Last year this series was riddled with controversal calls and some may argue that D- Wade was given more chances then normal to get to the foul line..Right out the gate the big man challenge is a wash..Shaq and Zo Vs PJ, Big Ben and Tyrus will cancel out..So now you go backcourt..I have to give the Bulls a slight nod here..D-Wade is coming off of injury, but he says he's healthy..Still, Hinrich and Gordon are good..Bench battle goes to the Heat..All in all, I have to go with the Bullz winning, based on Revenge and homecourt. It'll go 7 so I hope they all packed a lunch..Bulls 4-3


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