Tuesday, April 24, 2007

T-Mac May Mean it this Time...

Ok, if you missed the Steven A. Smith interview T-Mac gave dont feel bad, I did to, me and ESPN onl getalong in the mornings..Long story short, T-Mac told Screamin A that in the event the Rockets dont get out of the First Round, A task that niether He or Yao has ever done, put all the balme on him..Gotta give T credit for backpackin that kind of Responsibility..I just wanna say after watchin last night, I for one am convinced that this time, He's serious about his bizness and I can see no way that the Rockets get stopped..

With that said, T, its not just about you..We still need solid play from Luther, and somebody needs to tell Rafer its ok to pass up on the 3 every now and again.. The Rockets are currently up 2 games on Utah with games 3 and in Utah next.


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