Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jigga Jr. Update

Remember when I hit yall with This Story About Jay-z and His Kid and many of you hit me with email after email saying man all you doing is pushin the rumor....Well peepz, the results are in, and it appears that Jay-Z is set to release a statement that many say will confirm that he IS the father of Isa Jael....
Is this a surprise Really? As I stated earlier, im no doctor, nor am I Maury Povich, but just looking at this lil' fella its hard to deny him at least a partial claim to the Shawn Carter Legacy...Eyes check, Nose Check, Silly look on his face Jay- Z gives on the front of every album cover Double Check.....Bottom line, Beyonce can look forward to lots of trips with just the 3 of them in her future.... Still Dont Believe Me, Peep the Lanks........

Sandra Rose
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