Thursday, May 03, 2007

Memba When Car Bras were cool...

Suggested by My Boy GIP :

Ok, raise your hands if the local dope man on your set didnt have a Car Bra on top of his Accura Integra, or Toyota Tercel . What exactly was the point of this Black Leather mess?? I have yet to meet a person who ever actually had one on top of there car take it off, and most of the times, it never served its purpose.

The Car Bra is supposed to be used for extended road trips so you dont get bugs and various dirt and residue on the front of your car, but all I ever seem to remember about car bras was Pete the Dope Man and his 8' sub woofers in the back of his trunk.......

Whats I consider most sad about this is, these owners of the Car Bra would keep them own 24/7 365...Through Sun Damage. mud stains, bugs, and you name it, the only time that bra ever came off was when it was time to get the car serviced....I for one am so glad these $#!+$ have came and gone...


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