Monday, May 07, 2007

Not to Diplomatic .

There are various reports circulating that Jim Jones has put Founder CEO of Dipset Cam'ron on notice, and no longer wants him as a member of Dipset.. At first glance, this is kinda shocking considering, you are telling the dude who made the click, to kick bricks...Miss Info (Hot 97) is reporting that she spoke with Jim Jones and as of Friday, he says he hasnt spoke to Cam in a year and he's tired of being brought into the Drama that Cam always finds himself a party to...

Damn , what ever happened to your beef is my beef??? Tonight Jim is scheduled to appear on the FukMaster Flex show which theres no doubt in my mind the question will come up there? My question is, if its true, in the new rap game, is your beef, your boys beef?

Dipset Story


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