Tuesday, May 08, 2007

On Location : Ottawa

My peepz, today we take a trip to our neighbors in the North...Ottawa..At first glance, you wouldnt think much of the place, Downtowns small, I havent seen one Mc'Ds (dont laugh) and Customs thought ya boy was a gangsta rapper banned from the joint....(God I wish I was making the last line up)

Anyway, im here now, and a quick radio scan got me a alot of French Canadian Rap..Specifically this guy
Freeman, who sounds decent....To bad I have no unearthly idea what is he and his boys are saying.....
On a side note, Head over to my boy E's page
bgdboom its UGK week...For My H-town peepz that can go so many different directions....I already put the request in for Pocket Fulla Stones, but, I forgot to add Tell Me Somethin' Good....Good thing he's a reader of the blog!

As a sports nut, I gotta be honest fam, its gonna be a tough one for the kid...My room doesnt have ESPN, and the Fox affiliate splits time with the Hockey Channel...Damn...Hockey....


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