Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When Will The Gringo's Ever Learn

Well, evidently mockin good blackfolk wasnt good enough for the University of Delaware Honor Society, this time theyve decided to focus there attention on Latino's and throw a mock Cinco De Mayo party....At the party, people were shirts that said Pedro and wore dirty farm hand clothes as well as various outfits depicting landscaping maintenance as there choice profession....

The women at the party parodied latina's as being teenage pregnant girls and wore shirts that said latina hot and spicy...One girl even had a shirt own that said im drunk off my ass in tequila, with an arrow pointing to her crack....

I guess I dont have to tell you that moments after the pictures were released apologies were sent a day later CITING Ignorance and being unaware of how offensive there acts are as reasons behind there actions....Personally, as much as It hurts me to say this, I am no longer shocked...Ive been to the North East, I can confirm racism is still prevalent there..At some point, Id love to see the parents of these kids explain themselves though..As a parent how would you feel knowing your child (in honors classes no less) is behaving like this??

The full video with pics can be seen here
Link To Story


At 1:55 PM , Blogger P said...

These people never learn. I'm starting to think that the Jim's and Becky's of the world just don't get it.

I wonder how much flack this one is going to take. Somehow, I get the impression, that if it was a Jewish issue, or better yet, a homosexual issue, it would be a national outrage. ..

At 3:52 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

if it were homosexual, someone would be getting fired! Best believe it...I say again, ive been there and its like second nature to jim and becky to spew filth, and joke about others...


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