Monday, May 14, 2007

Back Home Weekend Wrap Up

Ottawa's Great, but as Dorthy put it, Theres no place like home.

1st. I dont speak French so its hard for me to verbalize, "Excuse can I get Directions to _______" A common Phrase I found myself using, as Google Maps doesnt actually work all that great....And ya boy was plenty Lost! For those who may ever get there, In Quebec, English is the Second Language FYI

2nd. I gotta get paid..The 14% Sales Tax is a Bi-yatch

NBA Wrap up...
My boy E Over at
BGDBOOM can give you complete coverage of the Bulls, and its highly reccomended giving he's a die-hard Bullz Fan...But, from an outsiders perspective, I'll say this, You gotta get more productivity from the 4/5 hole...Locking down on C-Webb helps, but Detroit has so many weapoons I fear thats not enough...Tyrus should remain on the Court at all times, and Ben Gordon should be the only person with the ball in his hand in the 4th..Do that , and maybe, just maybe this series isnt over in 5..

G/S Jazz....Well, I tell you what, outisde of the
Filthyness Baron Supplied when AK47 decided he wanted to be on Barons next Reebok Commercial, the sizzle is fading late in the 4th for our Bay Area Fan Fave's...Late in the game Sloan is at his coaching best..This series will end Tuesday...

Cleveland/NJ..Lock in for 7..Enough Said......Clev. will win though...

And then there was Dirty Tonio...I work here, and can tell you these boys play dirty...Ya gotta when you are the oldest team in the Bizness...Unless Phoenix can figure that out, Itll be over in 6.. I still hgave Phoenix winning this, but they have got to win tonight

Mayweather /De la Hoya..
I told yall I wasnt paying and I stuck by my guns and watched the HBO re-broadcast...Bottom Line here, You can throw all the punches you want, but when they hit at a 26 % rate literally youre hitting nothing.. Floyd's a tactician...He did what he predicted and that was Box...Not slug, but Box..Theres talk of a re-match But Im tellin yall now, save your $64.00..It'll be the same the next time.....

Finally, I dont know if Reggie Bush ever Dated Ciarra, but if he did, why in Gods Green would he drop her for this chick..To qoute Bruce Bruce "Get Lo With it, Get Loose With it , Ain' Nothin Lef' Afta Ray-J Hit it! " Dont act like yall didn see the tape.....


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