Monday, May 21, 2007

Spurs/Jazz, Cavs/Pistons, Simple Algebra

First things first, I am of the opinion that San Antonio stole the series from Phoenix. Thats the Bottom Line..With that said, this next series San Antonio plays vs. Utah should be quick work. No need for me to break that down, it'll be over in 6 at the latest. Same thing for Detroit and Cleveland..Dont get me wrong Lebron's great, but even Michael had Scotty, and sorry Larry Hughes just aint Scotty yet. It to will be done in 6..Well, with that said, I leave you with Algerbra, a new hot Neo Soul recording artist who I listened to last night following the Sorprano's episode...I wont spoil it for those who havent seen it, but lets just say, War is eminent..


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