Thursday, May 17, 2007

Idol Shocker, Finding Lost and Dirty Tonio's Late Night Victory

So as many of you know, the moment Sanjaya got shown the door I pretty much stopped watching all things American Idol. Last night, I decided what the hell, the Cavs Net game couldnt be more boring and its not like I dont see New Jersey losing this game..(I told yall 7)

A quick flip over to Fox and who should i see in the bottom 2 Melinda Doolittle..Now if you didnt watch any of American Idol you may have missed out on this one..She is truly one of the best voice the show has ever had. I rank her right up there with Reuben, Latoya London, and Fantasia.. To make a long story short, despite all her brilliance it wasnt enough as she was sent home in what may be the Idol shocker of the season. Theyre do one every season, and thus far we hadnt had one..Unless all you Sanjaya haterz wanna debate his relavence..

On To Lost...

If youre late into this show, you are missing a Classic Finale...Theyve tied up each and every loophole they've ever had, and now the fight of the others vs. the Flight Strandees is about to get really sticky...Alliances have been broken, Lock is stuck God knows where with Jacob the friendly ghost, and My boy Sayeed is trying to hook up the radio...Lost fan note, the more Sayeed the better the the show...Him and Sawyer are guaranteed action..

And then there was Dirty Tonio..So i'm cleaning my house in expectation of my mother in laws arrival and I have the game going on in the back round. To my surprise the Suns were up 16 so, like many of you, I pretty much figured the game was over. Man was I wrong..I come from out of my garage about 20 minutes later and the spurs are only down 4, and Manu has just hit a three to make it a one point game. Needless to say I was a little disgusted. Dont worry anti Spur fans, I see the Suns winning Game 6, with a healthy Diaw, and Amare Back, its gonna require allot of helpside from the spurs big man to help out Timmie..It wont be enough though...


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