Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sleeper Cell Michael Ealy

So I spent Memorial day weekend pretty much like I spent my 9 yrs in the military, in a resting position, waiting for something, anything to happen...While channel surfing I stumbled upon a pretty good show on Showtime...Sleeper Cell American Terror starring Michael Ealy . After doing research, it turns out that i actually rolled up on the start of the second season, and that it, was indeed a re-run, never the less, I highly recommend it as I was thoroughly enjoyed by it, and theres a great chance that when it re airs on the 10th of June, i'll be front row again..


Plot Summary,

Michael plays Darwin al-Sayeed, an FBI Undercover agent embedded in a terrorist cell and his goal is to break up any potential operations that cell may try to do. In doing so, his family life is shattered, his cell members face there own personal plateaus from homosexuality, self identity crisis, and extreme self hate..

I say again, it re-airs on the 10th of June all eight episodes on either Showtime Extreme, or Showtime starting at 8pm eatsern, with the last show ending at 3am...I promise you, one show and youll be hooked ...


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