Thursday, June 07, 2007

Memba When 80's Black Folk Movies and History..

Look, i couldve went in bout 1million different directions with this one, but in light of the Youtube clip, Im going to let it do most of the talking ...However, I remember a time when 80's movies that were primarily black had alot of singing, and dancing, but no karate. That was, until The Last Dragon came out... Now, you may see many characters past and present that will take you into another mindset, but SHONUFF, that brutha was viscous...

The History I speak of in the is in regards to SHONUFF actually..I cant verify it, and i may need a little help, but SHONUFF, is the first recorded damn fool you told yourself, I can never take out the house, let alone to the movies... Its my humbled opinion that SHONUFF created the whole Cant Take a Nicka No Where Movement....Daddy Greens, wrecked it, Movies wrecked it, and The Disco, well, that pretty much speaks for itself..... Whats your 80's black folk movie and character?

Now, Bow down, to the baddest MOFO LOW DOWN AROUND this TOWN....


At 4:16 PM , Blogger P said...

I heart you so much you make me sick.

What you know bout Sho-Nuff.

And you KNOW that was when Light Skin was in??? That was when the girls were digging on Taimak and the brothers were diggin on Vanity.

Well. . .

I think the brothers would have been digging on Vanity whether or not the 'light skin-ded' was in or not!!

At 7:09 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

what i know about shonuff???
p, i quote that brutha to this very day....

vanity and irene cara were doin it back then...bruce leroy...huh


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