Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My People...Research Who You Voting For

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Bill Jefferson. Now, for those who dont know him , he represents the 2nd Congressional District of New Orleans primarily the Lower ninth and Downtown regions to be specific. Now, youd think that someone with his back round would probably have a clue as to how to hustle, or at the very least know that cash in hand in DC is well documented, but nope not Bill, Bill's old school...Bill takes bribes goes home and throws that money, marked bills in all in the deep freezer. Then when the FBI agents come and trust me they came, he denies the sheer existence of the cash in the first place...

Bill, so let me get this straight, somebody came into your house broke, in , and GAVE YOU MONEY.......Yeah that happens on a daily....

This however isn't the least of his corrupt ways.. Amidst Hurricane Katrina ravishing all of New Orleans, this guy has the National Guard go to his crib and pack it up..Then when stuck at a road block, sends more National Guard cats to open up the road for his convoy of stuff to be let through. Classic pimpage...

So today my people, Im saying this as we are a mere months away from primary's and campaigns and commercials etc.. Do your Research...I cant stress this enough..

This brutha was making back handed deals in hotel lobbies and neglecting The NO, yet he was sitting on The House Ways and Means Committee...Now hes under investigation for bribery, and corruption,


At 4:17 PM , Blogger P said...

Why he wanna put the money in the most old school spot in the world is beyond me!!

At 7:11 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

you know it was a brutha on th task force who knew exactly were to look!

you can just see the white guys sayin "damn, we cant find this money no where"

then the brutha says.."yall just dont know where to look"


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