Friday, June 15, 2007

Whats wrong with Elijah's Mom?

Evidently the 5 kids from the four different Babby Mom'z wasnt enough for Tampa Bay Devil Ray Elijah Dukes, now he has reportedly impregnated a 17 yr old on the couch of his cousins crib...

The unidentified foster girl Elijah hooked up with was unavailable for comment, but Phyllis Dukes, (Elijah's mom) was saying "

Every time one of those (whores) lays down with my baby, they end up pregnant," she said. "That's right. And I'm tired of them."

Yeah cuz its there fault your son is trying to create his own village. Hey ED, do us a favor, when those kids get older, teach'em about Contraceptives Dawg..I aint even B*llsh*tting with ya'... Its apparent, your mom fails to realize that you want your legacy of wife beating and manic threats to continue far into the 20th century...Whats her problem?
Elijah Dukes Update

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