Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memba Nino Brown??

In continuing my Maddest Catz in Movie History, I'd like to take this time to pay homage to a true OG Nino Brown.. CEO CASH Money Brothers Incorporated (CMB). Talk about a gangsta, man, if they had to redo the dictionary, to include pictures and youtube clips of certian words, I'd Submit Nino's pic and clips to the following words , Gangsta, Thug, Entrepreneur, Killer, Coldblooded, Heartless, Ladies Man, Savvy, and Ruthless..

Nino took over an entire apartment complex and turned it into a Dopehouse. I aint just talkin about that one house on the block with camrera's and lookut boyz, (those who know, know ) im talkin about an entire complex....Made that sum'bitch unlivable for all the residents in it, and what makes this worse is, the Cops knew all about it, but had no evidence directly linking him to anything.

However , maybe one of Nino's biggest downfalls was his poor judgement of character. How else can you explain your #2 guy cutting side deals b/c of p#$$^, his girlfriend turned states evidence, and he let a U/C he met and got to know for all of 3 weeks, get as close to him as members who had been in CMB for the better part of 10 yrs....

But, nevertheless he was a gangsta...Even in his youth,(13) as a member of the Hoover City Boys he knew he was destined for greatness..For on that one day, when told by his leader in order to get credibility he had "Snuff Somebody Out" He took out his best bag of Ya, hit it to win, ran up on the first person he saw and shot her dead on the street....He didnt even stick around to watch to the body drop...............Gangsta......Another tale of his sheer disregard for the life of others takes place at a wedding..There he was set up by the rival Italian gang in an apparent hit.

Well Nino, sniffing out the marksmen, quickly observed the situation and took cover as best he knew how to avoid losing his life in the conflict..And who better then an innocent 6yr old little girl.......Ruthless...

I'll end this with one of my favorite Nino Quotes, as there are many, i just found this one to be the best one at the time....In the night club, after the wedding Nino is approached by his girlfriend who is contempt to call Nino a murderer to his face..Clearly fed up with her, in the face of his entire crew, he Grabs her thrust her unto the table, pours a bottle of Champagne over her, and says "Cancel this Bitch, I'll buy Another" ............My friends, to this very day, I use that line....


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