Monday, June 25, 2007

Pet Peeve Of Mine..Corner Dweller/Loiterers...

So today I went to fill up my tire and im approached by a brotha right outside of my truck about if I have spare change..My simple response was "no, I just have enough for gas and air for my tires"..This wasnt good enough for him, apparently, b/c I was short on change, this made me a "SELLOUT". Now you'd think this was an isolated incident, and I should let it go, but no, this isnt the first time Ive heard this from the likes of Loiterers..Is there something i'm missing? Does me not having change make me a bad person?

I say no. I wanted to ask the young brotha, what it was that put him in this position to be asking fellow Men for money..Dwell on that if you will, a GROWN ASS MAN, asking another GROWN ASS MAN not FAMILY, for money.. I cant think of anything worse then that...If its a homeboy in a pinch, I can somewhat understand, and even then it takes alot of pride to just straight up and ask for it..Nope im talking about puttin it all out there, 18-35 yr old, hitting you with the Quote heard from block to block 7-11 to Shamrock all across the country, "Hey man I need a lil' change for some food for my fam.." Part of me thinks being overseas, and in the Northwest spoiled me.. In those places, the corner dwellers will atleast hold up a sign saying the jobs they'll do to get your spare change.. The brotha I encountered today was just selling negativity for your dime.

Im through with these cats personally...Now to avoid conflict, I'll just drive away. Am I wrong for thinkning this way??


At 2:58 PM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

shoulda told that dude to kick rocks...smoove. how's he gonna be mad at you for not financing his bum lifestyle?

At 5:44 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

man i dont even that i was on the verge of gettin ignant, but i just walked away..catz like him want conflict, b/c then theyre made to look like the poor homeless bum bein attacked by the guy who wouldnt give him change


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