Thursday, June 28, 2007


Tonght If it happens, youll see it in my blog..I'll break down every trade and pick as best I know how..So for my peepz with that said Lets get down to it...

1st Portland Selects Greg Oden Center Ohio St.
Peepz this is a SAFE and Solid pick..Greg Oden is monsterous..The kinda guy you can build around for the next 13 yrs..

2nd Seattle Selects Kevin Durant Forward Texas...See the above post snd come back when done...Ok done, now with that said, if the trade rumors are true he now becomes your center piece. TRADE MADE...RAY ALLEN TO THE CELTICS FOR Delonte West Wally Zcir. and 5TH
Overall pick..WOW...Now if number 5 is Brendan Wright...In 5 yrs, this will be the deadliest young team in the biz


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