Thursday, June 28, 2007

8-14 NBA

8th Bobcats on the clock..MJ Must be nervous..Brendan Wright UNC..hmm, Michael Jordan selects a UNC Guy..Breakdown, this kid can be the best player in this draft if he figures it out..He long can score and defend..He is skinny for his 6 10 frame, so he's gonna have to bulk up...

9th Chicago Bulls OTC..Way to go Zeke..Spike looks kinda heated right now..This may be traded..If not, watch for Spencer Hawes.. Id take Noah.. Current pick is Joakim Noah..E over at bgdboom will love this! People forget, this kid woudlve went #1 or 2 overall last year..he can play the low post well, intense, and hates to lose..Once he works on the inside jumper, he'll be a serious threat..Flipped over to the news to see Noah get his Ass kissed by Dicky V..apology is needed

10th Sactown OTC Spencer Hawes Wash..I had the privy. of watching him in college and in High School..Teammate of Martell Webster, decent in the paint, but not a rebounder..Not a shot blocker..But very skilled..Hopefully this will make up for his lack of rebounding..As a 7fter, it better..

11th ATL this had better be ACIE LAW! ...No Questions Asked...You already passed on Conley for Horford..Now, get someone who can get him the ball..My boy Gip ,and Cousin Ric (the one I annually give money to) are both heated Conley got skipped..Acie Law Texas A&M It is.
Depending on who you ask, he's a better prospect. When I see him Im think Cuttino Mobley...I dont think Atl is trading tonight..Sorry ATL fans no Amari

12th Philly OTC..This should be fun...No more Iverson..No C-Webb.. This team needs a savior in the worst way. Kermie is reporting they wanted Yi. This should be Shawn Williams out of BC, but weed is a helluva drug..The Pick Thaddeus Young Georgia Tech.
BOOO..Why get a 2/3 guy..You needed a big. he's a scorer, but needs to improve rebounding.

Biggio just got 2998...

13th NO Hornets are OTC ..Im going to assume this is Nick Young Guard USC..It has to be..A confirmed 2 who can score..This team needs that ..I was wrong..Its Julian Wright F Kansas..Im iffy about him..My brother says this guy is the sleeper of the Draft..He can slash and run, but needs to work on his shot..

14th Clip Joint OTC this should be Javaris Crintenton (sp) Georgia Tech PG..Sams getting older, and i dont even want to talk about the injury..I hope ESPN doesn show it..It still makes me squeamish..They clowin Mr. Cheeze doodle now...and he's loving it...Once again , Im wrong..Al Thorton Fl St. . Al will bring a certain type of athleticism this team needs..He can come in and slash, dunk, and shoot from the perimeter. Id like to see him work on his defense..
Thats the lottery

15-20 next


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