Thursday, June 28, 2007

15-17 NBA Draft

15th Detroit OTC..Later post due to me getting Dinner..This should have been Shawn Williams ..They need youth in the Front court..It wasnt..They took Rodney Stuckey G Eastern Washington..I seen this cat in High School. He can score..When he comes off that Detroit bench, he's gonna give alot of headaches..There comparing him to D-wade, but i say Chauncey..Yall gone love this kid..

16TH Wash otc..This should be the big man from Colorado..And it wasnt. They took Nick Young SG from USC..Where will he get minutes?? Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas occupy his spot on the court..And, both rarely pass, or leave the floor..Steven A agrees with me...

BREAKING NEWS...Knicks trade STEVE FRANCIS AND CHANNING FRYE TRADED TO PORTLAND FOR Zach Randolph Dan Dickau and Fred Jones...Oh My! Steve will play with another young big man.. Solid Trade for the Knicks..Randolph and Curry will be great together..Steven A is in rare form now! Knicks fans are standin up, and Jigga is gonna write a rap about Zach

17TH THE nETS TAKE SHAWN WILLIAMS sleeper on Realpeeplz board..This kid got penalized for smokin weed.He is the only other guy on this board who allows me to use the term monster.. Jason finally got Kenyon Martin Back..But in his prime


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