Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA Draft Wrap Up..Lets Party!

Well whoever tells you that last night wasnt fun doesnt know anything about the NBA draft. Unlike football, its shorter, more trades are made, and THE ENTIRE DRAFT from start to finish is done in one night.

First Let me go into Last Nights Winners from 1-4.

1. Golden St. Warriors. You get Brendan Wright for Jason Richardson. Brendan Gives you an Athletic Big who can run and Shoot. By gollie thats was all they were missing. Dont get me wrong they'll miss J. Rich, but Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington arguably play the same position just as well.

2. Seattle Sonics. Two of the top 5 players in the draft = future. This is was probably the best draft of the night. You essentially Drafted a Jordan and a Scottie. You lost Ray Allen, but his point production will be matched , or topped by Durant. In 5 yrs, this team will be making noise.

3. NY Knicks. If for nothing else, they got to dump Steve Francis's Contract. That in and of itself is enough. But they got Zach Randolph to help Eddie Curry. Now all they gotta do is keep Zach out of the Scrip Clubs.. Last I checked NY had a couple of 'em ..

4. Portland Trailblazers.. Say it with me, Jarrett Jack Brandon Roy, and now Greg Oden. This people is what we called young and hot. Not to mention you bring in Channing Frye. This starting 5, if they keep it together, will do damage in 5 yrs tops as well. Not to mention they have Martell Webster coming off the bench.

My Losers.

1. Boston Celtics.. Will Ray Allen Help You ..YES.. Will he and Paul Pierce together make a difference?? No..Here's why, both are volume shooters who CANT get others involved. Hence the reason both have by and large been on teams that have focused on there individual talent. Denver suffers from this as well. I do know this, they just made Big Baby and Al Jefferson the Leading rebounders in the NBA.

2. Houston Rockets. Josh Mc Roberts, Glen Big Baby Davis, Chris Richard. Tiago Splitti, and Nick Fazekas were all on the board, and at least 2 of these catz could start at Power Forward, yet the Rockets went with Aaron Brooks, a Point Guard out of Oregon (another guy I had the privy of watching alot of.) He's ok, but you already had 5 point guards on roster, with 2 other guys Mike James and Luther Head. If they cant trade its gonna be a long year for this bunch.

3. Atlanta Hawks. I love Al Horford, However, Mike Conley should got picked 3rd. I know you had Acie Law rated just as good, but he's not. Now with Horford, you have him Shelden Williams, and Josh Smith jockin for Playing Time.. At 11, had they chose Conley at 3, I would have taken Sean Willams.

4. Dallas Mavericks.. You dont pick in the entire 1st round, and thats ok, b/c youre pretty set, but could use a rebounding banger to help Dirk. So what do you do, you go and draft a Dirk clone. This guy will never get in. He's Austin Croshere at his best.
Shots in the Dark..
Chi, Noah is a winner, its essentially all Scott Skiles Drafts... He'll prove pivotal when your playing Detroit in the Eastern Conference Finals Next Year. ..Detroit, big Homey Stuckey should stay in Chauncey's Back pocket. If he does that, you guys are gonna have a stud 6th man. Mia, dont mees around Start Dequan Cook asap. Oh yeah, if you got this far, San Antonio is still the favorite for next year.


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