Thursday, June 28, 2007

23-30 NBA Draft

23rd Knicks are up Zeke should take a 2 but ya never know....Spike Lee nailed it..Wilson Chandler De paul 6'8 rebounder and low post scorer.....Strong, but needs to work on the J.

24th. PHX..This should be Steve's replacement..But, with Amare's name being tossed out there, its a crapshoot..Breaking News Portland just purchased this pick..Portland aint playin around yall..Rudy Fernandez G. Spain..I know nothing of him..sounds like he might
not get to play there anytime soon.

25th Utah OTC..Almond trust me..Almond..they better get a shooter here..its all theyre missing..Steven A doesnt like Okhur..I dont either...Finally I got one right! This is a steal..
This brutha can fill it up..If he can have some patience while shooting, watch out..

26th H-town..This SHOULD BE Josh Mc Roberts..Adleman coaches a motion offense, and so does Coach K...He plays 4 , the rockets need a 4.. If they take Fazekas, i'll be sick.
I hate Duke, but this kid fits in this system perfectly..Aaron Brooks PG ORE...WTF????
Man what is going on with my city?? Didnt we get Mike James..We better be trading Skip..Im heated, but BGO is at the plate now...What a dumb move htown..

BGO GOT IT!!!!!!!! 3000 HITS....How the rocketstank there season in the process.
Now I can finall stop watching baseball...

27th Detroit OTC Aaron Afflalo UCLA..Cant shoot like a 2, but can defend..

Back to the Rockets..What the Hell?? Aaron Brooks PG ORE is solid, and can shoot, but c'mon this should have been a PF..Chuck Hayes..Chuck F*ckin Hayes..He musta had a great offseason thus far..Im gettin a beer...Where is this kid going to find minutes??

28th Bexar County Boys..aka the Champs aka San Antonio..Some tall lanky hustle guy to replace Quierto..If its Big Baby, its over...Put it on the board Championship..It wasnt, it was a 7'0 Quierto replacement as i predicted...Tiago Splaetti (SP)

Biggio's Night just got pissed on..The bully just gave up a 2 run homer....Classic
Houston is no longer a credible sports city! And now the boo birds are out in Houston..

29th PHX just took Alondo Tucker from Wisconsin..Perfect pick..Another kid i love..Tough 1/2 who will scrap and run. Steve just got someone else to throw the alley oop to.

30 Motown Phi..I suspect Big Baby, but you never know..And I didnt..Petteri Koponen Finland..And his people got crunk!

Im not doing the second round But dont worry i'll be doing a summary wrap up tonight..Draft grades winners losers you name it...


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