Monday, July 02, 2007

Army Wives...

So I was sitting at home pissin' all over my Man Card watching Lifetime with the wife and we came across a show a couple of weeks ago I bet many of you are missing ..Army Wives. I wont go into details b/c Im sure Lifetime will re-air all 4 episodes that have came on so far, but I will say this, Ive seen this life and can confirm it to be 99.9% accurate.

Here's a small rundown..

For those who dont know anything about Military Life, know this, wifes, husbands, and children of those in the military get bored really quickly. The constant moves, and readjusting can become to much for many. With that said, the only thing they have(dependants) is themselves. While your loved ones are out fighting to make W. look more stupid then he already is, at home your wives and children are trying there best to make your family name stand out..

Military Wives get lonely..Its just how it is when there husbands deploy...Some stray, and some go home to be with there family, but by and large the ones that stick it out are the ones who lives are examined in this drama. It follows 4 wives,and a husband who each have a significant amount of baggage that has drawn one closer to the other.

Wife 1 is married to A base Commander. She like many before her put her career aside to follow her husband and be a happy homemaker.

Wife 2 is married to a Regiment Commander. While her husbands away she's left in charge of getting there College Ready son for the Army Academy..It wouldn't be such a task if her son didn't beat her Yes you read that correctly..

Wife 3 is married to a Special Forces Soldier. The hubby is an impulse spender who's bad habits sometimes get the family in an increased amount of Debt.

Wife 4 is married to a Youngin PFC.. My Fav. Of the Bunch. 2 Kids from 2 different dads and the guy you met at the bar and knew for all of 3 weeks want to take you and your 2 kids in.. This is something I say again , ive seen before...Many times..

Husband 1 His wife is back from deployment, but is suffering from a very bad c ase of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As much watches go, Id give it an 8, and thats not to bad considering the day and Time Slot it appears on. (Sunday's 10/9Central)


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