Monday, July 16, 2007

When Playing Games Goes to Far

As I type this, im still having a hard time reading what I just read ..Authorities in Reno Nevada had to remove 1 infant and 1 toddler aged kid from there parents last month b/c they were severely malnourished. Get this, there was food in the house, but getting the food would have interrupted Dungeons and Dragons online Game Play, so the parents just let there kids sit there and starve.

Michael(25) and Iana(23) Straw plead guilty on Friday to 2 counts of Child Neglect and each face a maximum of 12 yrs in prison. I hope they actually get more. The little girl of the two had to get her hair shaved because it was covered in Cat Urine, and the son was so malnourished, he was unable to support himself on his feet and walk. Also, neither of these kids had been given any medical attention ie required shots, and checkups since there births.

Ya know, I bet these summa' ma bitches try an insanity defense. If theres a lawyer out there who even attempts to represent them under this premise, bare note that even if you do succeed , you may crack open the one Pandora's Box society was never prepared to have open.
Slackers, would crown you visionaries, while concerned parents would haunt you down Salem style. You might as well draw a red target on everything you own.

You cant neglect your duties as parents b/c someones raiding your village. Duh!!! Come the @#$ on people. Was your game play so crucial that you couldn't warm up a bottle of milk in the microwave? Was it to much to ask for a bowl of oatmeal?? Most of these games can be paused, you mean to tell me the thrill of Waging war against someones Level 50 Wizard was so critical that giving your child a simple bowl of cereal would have ruined your entire day. To you to, I say, die. I hope your figures on the game die slow painful deaths. As for your physical beings, I'm trying to get more spiritual, so as much As I would like to wish all things bad onto you, realistically, I surely hope you can look at this as an opportunity whatever higher power you believe in gave you as a second chance. Your kids could've died, and I don't think there's anything worse then that.

Back to the Public Defender who probably got told to take the case. Hey man, they've already pleaded guilty, technically your job is done. Don't give slackers, and gamers a reason to never leave home. Don't give those who aren't interested in putting down Madden 5 good minutes to fill out a job application justification for mediocre life play.

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