Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carl Crawford..Great Player awful Team.....

I dont know how many baseball following peepz i got out there, but last night was the AllStar Game of that sport, and one of the many participants was Houstons own Tampa Bay Devil Ray Carl Crawford... Now, in case youre wandering how he did, he went 1-2 on the night and caught one helluva pop fly about 15 yrds out of his view point..The kid flat out and ran for it....

Oh by the way, that one hit, was HOMERUN. Carl represents a very small class of African Americans that are really good in professional baseball, but b/c he's playing for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and not a major market you may not even fully appreciate just how good he could really be for baseball..

Growing up in Houston's 5th ward District he was a 3 sport star who couldve easily went to Nebraska to play Quarterback, UCLA to play point guard,(I personally thought this would be the choice) or any of is choice of major schools to play Baseball...Despite all of that, he chose to take his talent to the professional level and play pro-ball. He was the 52nd player drafted overall in the 1999 and won numerous awards on the Double and Triple A teams he played for..

Something tells me though, that after 6 yrs of ballin on the C-Team Devil Ray's he's got his eyes on a larger prize..That should be, showcasing his talents on a winning product..If he can somehow find his way on a team like the Anaheim Angels, or the St. Louis Cardinals, he turns them into instant favorites..Both teams have owners who want ot win at all cost, and both teams have power batting in the 3 hole, a certain thing Carls never had. Atleast not constantly anyway.

To my original point though, from an African American standpoint, he'd bring that fan back to baseball..Lets face it, maybe 2 out of 10 black folk are watchin baseball maybe....People baseball is a very much untapped market..As a parent, I make sure my son watches the sport..It teaches you how to work as a team, its structured, and its probably the safest sport out there..By the way, guess who my sons favorite player is??? I'll give you a hint, he plays in Tampa...
Carl if you eva read this, ya peepz in San Antonio/H-town show love homie!..Keep up the good work kinfolk ... Big-E


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