Monday, July 23, 2007

NBA Dirty Ref May not be the Only One..

Man Im taxin' these Hoes...Me Too!

Evidently , Tim Donaghy, soon to be shamed ref and possible inmate at Picka-state-fed-penn is saying that if he's going down, he taking everybody with him. Now, usually when someone is caught you assume the "G" thing to do is go in under your charges and roll with those punches. I mean, its not the other peoples fault doing dirt that you got caught. But nope, evidently Tim believes he's not the only one caught up in the game , and If he's right, this might knock Basketball off of a high horse that it has enjoyed as the number 2/3 sports entity for the past 10 yrs.

You know whats messed up the most about this, is that all of those cats who yell from the sideline, "The Fix is in" may actually be right. Damn. Being a Basketball fan I cant lie, that cuts deep. Let me give yall one example, this guy was the Ref,in the Game 3 match when Phoenix played San Antonio. Yep that series, he was there.

Remember when Jeff Van Gundy got fined, the unprecedented amount of 100k, for saying his peeps told him Yao wont get a call. What if this cat was reffing some Rockets games? And lets not forget the whole Mark Cuban Factor, you just know he's sitting somewhere with his staff going over each and every game trying to see which ones this guy reffed to see if the fix was in.

Let Tim's current allegations be true that it may not have just been him, and powder keg thy have a name and its called the NBA. About the only thing I can see coming good out of this, is its the first time in a long time David Stern has awaken to to egg on his face. We here at realpeepz aren't the biggest fans of David, and even though this most recent trial of the NBA is vexing, we know in the end he'll find a way to make it work. This time, though he wont be able to fix the issues of the NBA by changing the Dress Code.

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At 1:12 PM , Blogger P said...

Not only is Tim pulling a Nino Brown "If I'm going down I'm taking a whole lotta folks with me" approach, the only thing that it looks like Tim is going to be reffing is in a b-ball game for nine year olds in Bum Fuck Egypt after he relocates into the Witness Protection Program.

Don't you enjoy how they keep saying that him, along with his yet to be named 'associates' bet on games. As you said, Tim is only the cusp of what is surely to be the scandal to beat all NBA scandals.

This is more mafioso than Spaghetti and Meatballs.

At 6:26 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

I look forward to watching David Stern try to fix this.He's the most controlling Commish in all of sports..He has no control of this..

Tim put out there that the game is DIRTY and I hope and pray that he's wrong, but ohh if he's right...


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