Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Roundup

Rather then link up to several different Sources (like I'd normally do) today I decided to switch things up a little.


So If youre favorite team played over the weekend what are your thoughts going into the preseason? If youre a Texans fan, how frustrated are you that Mario Williams still looks raw and inexperienced? Falcons Fans, are you ready for the possbility of life without Vick? Dont worry football fans, I plan on devoting a whole week to nothing but football really soon.


My boy Dave and several others have offically written off Hip Hop for good. (Well everything out now anyway) What are your thoughts on Hip Hop's current state of affairs? Are you satisfied, disgusted, or in the middle?


Army Wives keeps getting better and better, and I can say that it and Big Love are officially clocking the summertime shows. Close Seconds go to Weeds and Burn Notice. The 4400 is picking up the rear. Your thoughts and opinions. Are my shows way off, spot on , or did I leave off one?


If you reside in the Souf (ie Texas, the Carolina's, Fla, Ga, La, Miss, Ark, etc) how hot does it have to get? Can mother nature mix in a random windgust every now and then?


It looks like Karl Rove is out , and W's seconds awaty from flying Auto Pilot , are you happy sad are relieved? Also, its early, but do any of you have an idea as to who you plan to vote for? I wont say im flip flopping, but, I will say Governor Bill Richardson really impresses me.

Hit me back with your thoughts....e


At 4:55 PM , Blogger P said...

I just want to let you know my computer at home, is a loser. For some reason, I have to press control and click on the 'comment' link just to comment on your post.

Anyway, got some comments to make, of course, me and my big mouf.

Me, being the raider fan that I am, I am still hopeful after our 'fumble' fiasco of several years ago, that we will reinvent ourselves, less Art Shell and plus Culpepper. Raider Nation has to rise up at some point. Maybe they just need to move back to fooball-less LA.

Personally, I think the Bad Newz Kennelz might top everybody's list on the overall scoreboard, ya think?

Hip Hop: I vascillate somewhere in the middle. For YEARS I did not listen to it. I have begun to listen to it more, but frankly speaking white has become the new black, and no offense, but every thing seems either watered down, or worse, so raucous and rowdy it's hard for my pretty little ears to tolerate now. Who would have THOUGHT I would have said that. And If I hear fiddy saying something else about somebody else, I am going to put him across my knee myself and spank him.

TV: Have never seen army wives; I could see you having an interest in it. Um, as for Big Love, I am WAY too involved in their lives to believe they are NOT my next door neighbors. . .I absolutely LOVE that show. Who are your favorite characters? I like them all, but I love Barb, the first wife, I like Nikki's brother, and I like the little girl, they don't show her that much, Teeny. Bill's first wife little girl. Great, great show. And of course, that crazy chick who left the compound.

Politics: Yeah well.

At 9:03 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


Im a Margie and Bill fan.

Bill b/c you can literally see his thoughts//atleast I can anyway, and poor innocent Margie. She tries, and you know she's Bills Mistress...

As for the RAAAAAAAAAAAADUUUUUZZZZZ , i think there 4 yrs away from being solid. Id love to see them develop a runningback, and d-line, but hey, whaddayado? until Al davis leaves, they are what they are...

music is so out there now i honestly listen to nothing now...I drive to work in silence, and come home that way..Im in SA, so i dont get the GOOD black talk shows, so im kinda out..
dont feel bad about your PC, mine at work makes me post a comment before loggin in...i have to do that daily..

At 12:59 AM , Blogger P said...

I figured you would love Bill and Margene. I think that men and women look at things differently. Not bad or good, just DIFFERENT.

I am thinking Barb: Solid, supportive, the one that he loves the most (or at least I want to believe), the one who is the bottom bitch, the one that handles things, and doesn't technically want to be there. Probably how all women think they are and/or want to be.

And then there is Margene. The freak. The younger one. The uninhibited one. The wife who tries to speak up and does and does it in her own Margene way. I like her, too, but I know how 'y'all are. Margene is a phreak and has no problem displaying it with her itty bitties all of the time.

I like Nikki too. She's not a bad looking chick, she is just um, very compound and 'principle' oriented, not to mention her wardrobe is ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC. But I think that's why Bill loves her, too, she REALLY believes in the concept of what he is trying to do. She lives the principle and have you noticed is VERY self sufficient and can use a hammer as good as the next man. . .And the look of desperation/panic that she has every time something goes wrong is nothing short of GENIUS acting . . .

I also like how they are richly making Bill and Barb's second daughter develop in her role. She seems so vulnerable and strong at the same time. And then I don't know if you saw it the other night (I Tivo it) but come to find out her BFF wants to carpetmunch her, and RHONDA KNOWS IT. . .

I also love Joey's crazy ass wife Wanda. Okay, I could go on and on but they have a TOP NOTCH ensemble class. Every one on there does a VERY good job. . .Don Embry, Bill's parents, everybody. Great, Great show.

Hey, since I'm a lady of leisure I have also been peeping out some other shows. Have you seen Top Chef? Great show. . .

At 6:24 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

I catch top she;f nevery now and again. but its tough to watch Food Shows when you tryin to drop wieght.

But as far as Big Love, Since i have waht appears to be a rider from Day 1 who can appreciate the show's inner innuendos (sp) I can speak on it with knowledge know...Yes!!!

You nailed it with THE ENITER HENDRICKSON family, but you left out Ben..Bens' freaky little character is seconds away from getting someone pregnant (remember who told you first..)and I guarentee you he lives the princicple, I have a funny feeling we might see those twins again...

Yeah I noticed that to with the older daughter and her friend..My jaw was on the floor, b/c old gal didnt deny any of it..And if you recall, she's always hated the Boyfriend, and seemed so fascinated with her friend...interesting...I have to disagree with you on Alby..He's so good playing that role, he makes me hate him..I bet'not never see him on the

I find myself becoming more and more interested in Roman. If they kill him off, Bill is going to do something huge to Junniper Creek, he has to..

Tell me you watch Weeds and the new show Californication?? If not , take my word for it...tivo them...


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