Monday, August 06, 2007

Congratulations Barry Bonds..

Over the weekend Barry Bonds hit home run 755 to tie him with Hank Aaron atop the all time Home Run list. There's no doubt in any one's mind that before years end he will eventually crush number 756, the one that will put him on top as the Home Run King , but to many this record feels dirty. To many it feels spoiled. Well, you know what my question for those people who feel slighted by the fact that Barry Bonds has accomplished this miracle , its this, where were you when he was allegedly taking Performance Enhancing Drugs? Where were you when

Mark Mc Gwire was crushing all those juiced up balls outta the ball park on way to surpassing Roger Maris's Single Season Home Run Record? Where were you when guys who where not known for there batting power would have a record 40 home run season following a yr when they only had 11. I'll tell you where they were, front and center ticket in hand watching and enjoying good baseball.

My Beef With ESPN and National Big Wig Sports Writers.

If you'll notice by my blog roll, there are certain web pages that do NOT appear on my web pages of choice. Most Notable, Fox and Or Yahoo Sports. If you've ever wandered why well wander no more. The reason why you don't see those web pages is b/c I don't believe in anything they stand for.

ESPN is nothing more then a Hypocritical Hype Machine. Period. Many of there employees go on there radio shows and there Baseball Tonight's and take shot after shot at Barry Bonds, but the moment the chase is in sight, they (ESPN) wants to air a reality show that chronicles Barry's every move until the chase is complete. They'd a pulled it off if not for Barry's oft injured knees to. So they continue to bash him left and right and say what they would and wouldn't do, but the chase get back in plain view and yep you guessed it, there now covering every singe Giants Baseball Game until he A ties the record (which he did over the weekend) and B Surpasses the record which many expect will happen soon. Its acts like these that make me really hate the fact that they are the only source for 24/7 sports information. So rarely do they actually report sports anymore. Its becomes more and more opinion from loudmouths who don't know when there 5 minutes are up... See what y'all made me do. Bring up Espn I get all lathered up..

But, its not just them, Google search Barry Bonds in the news and look at what you'll see. Pull out a dollar for every negative comment you see from your pocket, now for every positive one put one back in. I'm willing to bet you when its all said and done , you could gas your car for a week from all the dollars spread across your desk at work. Drive By Media. Plain and Simple. (cant believe I'm quoting Rush Limbaugh) The media will lead you to believe that the entire earth will forever change the moment Barry crushes 756. The Moon will fall outta the sky air planes will crash into desert mountain ranges, ships will com bust while out to sea..You name it. All this B/c Demigod Barry broke the hollowed home run record. Its all a ploy to sell papers. Original writing has been sold out and in its place outrage and famine. If there were any real journalism going on in the 90's then maybe you wouldn't have a tainted record a many of these sports writers lead you to believe.

My Opinion.

Frankly, I couldn't be more happier for Barry Bonds. He has been nothing less then a marvel to watch play baseball. When ive had a crappy day at work , I know I can come home flip the switch and watch him crush one into the Cove. When that games over, im done for the night. Simple as that. Football, Basketball, and Baseball, are entertainment. Nothing More. They help me as a laborer unwind when im home. To bad others dont see it that way.


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