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Taking Control OF YOUR LIFE

Recently 4 very close friends of mine have either A left a Job they've been at for at least 7 yrs or better, or B made the decision to go back to school and further educate themselves so they can actually get the job THEY WANT.. To all of this I say congrats. Life is a sonovabitch. I don't need to go into detail, those who walk it and live it daily know it just is.

When God put us all on this Earth, he did everything just right...Everything except let you know what it is he has planned for you. That's the tricky part. For, had some of us known at age 18 that at age 30 we'd be at some Dead End Job living fairly close to where we grew up, how many of us would want to continue on? Life's about experiencing different things and learning from all of those experiences. So with that said, when I get the email from the friend of mind who's leaving the navy after 11 yrs, or my homeboy tells me that he's going for his masters, better yet when a Sr. Ranking HR person decides to turn down a job within her company to pursue a passion in some other field, I stand up and applaud out loud for them. We only get one life, and if you have a chance to add variety to yours while there's a window open allowing you to do so, I say do it.

Speaking From Exp.

This topic is especially close to me b/c I not only made a crucial decision in my 10 yr Navy Career, but spiritually I'm transitioning as well. Don't worry I'm not leaving the Christian Faith, but I did find a place that makes me whole inside, and I feel as brought me closer to God then Ive ever been before. The ________________and____________ (email if you want the blanks filled)

Now back to the Navy, I was in a very good position while I was at my last command. Whidbey Island, Washington. I served as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of ____________ Intelligence. (ditto w/blank) I was basically the only guy on the base who was good at my job, well the only one wearing a uniform anyway. This allowed me some of the best flexibility imaginable. I could show up to work late, talk back to a certain extent, voice my opinion, and the worst I'd ever get was a slap on the wrist. Now you may be wandering about the 2nd and 3rd ADVANTAGES I listed, bare in mind that I was military, and 2 and 3 under normal circumstances were grounds for discipline depending on how grave an offense you committed. I digress, so with the Job that allowed me flexibility, and the students and co-workers that loved me, somehow I still felt empty inside. Was it my Prick of a supervisor who would raid my lunch bag looking for fatty foods?(i got a little big while serving) Nope. Was it the fact that in my 10 yrs of serving I only received 1 Early Promotable Ranking ? Nope. What made me decide to leave the Navy was maturity. I felt I went as far as I could go, and frankly I started getting bored almost to no end on a daily basis. I sit down with just about everyone to tell them how I felt and no one would listen. Except God. Everyone else would tell me oh, just give it another chance, its Whidbey, if you go somewhere else I'm sure you'll be happy. Or, maybe you need to go back to school. It'll keep your mind active. My personal favorite was don't worry, when you make Chief (E7) you ll love it that much more. Yet every Navy Chief that I either worked with or saw was for the most part miserable. My conversation God opened up to me that I was in the wrong place for me and my family.

It felt great. God made me realize that the reason I wasn't Happy was b/c the Navy wasn't my true calling. It was a stepping stone much like those who attend college looking to further there careers, but by no means was it my end all be all. I proudly marched into my bosses office the next morning after knowing I was getting out , and couldn't wait tell him the good news. It took about 4 months from beginning to end for them to release me, but when they did, I celebrated.

The celebration was b/c it was the very first time I could remember that I made a decision that I could personally hold myself accountable for. The last time I did such a thing , I was joining the Navy, ironically getting out of it would be the time thats the most fondest.

So today I ask my fellow readers at what point will you Take Control of your Life? What are those things that are holding you back from doing it? For those who have already made there decisions what advice would you give those readers of mine who want to know the best way of going about doing such a thing?


At 11:35 AM , Blogger P said...

How can I say anything smoothie when you have spoken the fabric of my life of what I'm going through right now. Um. . .Is the Senior HR person you're referring to me? Or someone else?

I work for AT & T Mobility, formerly Cingular Wireless. As you know, tomorrow is my last day. I have chosen to leave. I was offered another position, but I turned it down, (as you also well know). I have gotten a LOT of questions about why I didn't take a job on the landline side. I know I sound like I'm duplicating what I have already said on my blog, but I must tell you, as you know, that would have been too easy, JUST AS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO EASY FOR YOU TO MAKE A CAREER IN THE MILITARY, but you bravely chose another path, and with a family in tow. . . That could NOT have been easy, regardless of the severance. There is always the what if factor, and as a result of that, kudos to you. . .

Did you know that at least 25 percent of attorneys want to leave their job based on stress and long hours, but that because of the time and money invested in the profession they choose to stay.

Choosing the broad road (Now I'm going into the book of Matthew), is easy; but narrow is the gate, and as you know, based on what you bravely did. . .It's not easy. It's full of anxiety. But you have to do it. . .Otherwise you won't create a glitch in the matrix.

And. . .The recommendation that I have is. . .Don't Jump Blindly. I am taking a month off, yes, but I PLANNED for this. I am getting severance as well as unemployment. Furthermore, jumping blindling is what will cause you to take something that may take you from the frying pan to the furnace.

You should also remember that, if there is no change, there is no change. And we are in no position to complain, or explain our situations, if we haven't created ways (and these don't have to be done all at once, small steps are fine) to improve our lives.

Never, ever, measure yourself up to anybody else. The only person to measure youself against is YOU and who YOU want to become.

Smoothie, one of your greatest posts. . .I feel better now (having some end of job jitters, but I CANNOT let that dissuade me. . .)

At 1:41 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


Yep that'd Be you...But damn if you arent the only person to recently tell me that its time for a change..Yall got me lookin at Monster and Career builder

Its good to hear civi's tell stories like yours b/c mil people like some of my friends opting to get out, assume that its just the military..Its not. Its everywhere..

No doubt leaving a job is tough, but theres a reason youre doing so, GOD is giving you a sneak preview of your path. You get the feeling its time to move on, more then likely its b/c it IS TIME TO MOVE ON..
For my readers who check the comments , I highly reccomend going to P's page. For those who know me beyond the blog, it will sound extremly familiar to something yall remember about me last year...


At 4:42 PM , Blogger P said...

By the way. . .

Don't worry, I won't be gone long, and that'a REAL TALK! :)

At 7:23 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

cool..looking forward to your insight..e =)


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