Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Remembering Shows From My Youth: Top 5 of the 80's

On a very slow topic day I decided I revisit one of my more popular segments; Remembering my oldies but goodies in regards to 80's Television Shows. What better way to start this off by going right into the number 1 spot. At number 1 for Me was the A-team. They had it all, machine gun intro, blinged out mohawk wearing Mr. T, and Faceman. I often wander how the A-Team would fair now in LA, but there was a time when the guys who drove around in the Black Econoline Van Ran that city. At least the underground anyway.

In the 2 Hole, I had to go with Punky Brewster..No its not a Secret Gay Moment. Look at it from a young mans perspective. Cherrie was bangin to me , and Punky had a unique style that made it cool to be out of the ordinary..

At Number 3 I went with Saved By the Bell ..Who could forget Jessie's Battle with Drugs..Im so Excited...Im So Excited... Im So ..............Scared.......

#4 What's Happening Now. Fella's remember when Dee cam back lookin all grown and Sexy? Also, did you know, A very young Reina King was also on the show, sister of Regina

Finally What You Talkin Bout Willis...Qoute of the 80's. Different Strokes was the show that proved that you can take the Boys from the Hood, but its gonna be hard keeing the hood outta the boys..Who can forget Willis deciding he wa going to change his name...That and him dating a Miss Janet Freaking Jackson...


At 11:42 AM , Blogger P said...

YOU A HOT MESS TALKING ABOUT "What's Happening Now" You Crazy. . .Remember how thin Rog's wife was? Hey, by the way, did you know that Dee is a Veterinarian, now?

Anyway, there were so many, but I will try to name the ones I really, really love-ded. Now, I think that I am a little more dated (translation - OLDER) than you, so mines are coming from some OG eighties stuff:

- LA Law. Right in the heart of LA you couldn't help but love it.

- Thirtysomething. I don't know why I was mildly obsessed with that show, I guess that's how I thought I would be when I was 'thirtysomething', turns out I'm currently nowhere near that.

- Cosby/Different World, et al. You know the deal.

- MacGyver. What he did was pretty much what we would do when we called ourselves - ni&&a-riggin something.

- The Golden Girls: People can say what they wanted to say about that show, that show was the BOMB and hilarious.

- 21 Jump Street. That was during my visions of wanting to be a Cagney and Lacey type of chick.

- Knight Rider - sheeeott. . .Had to be said, enough said.

At 5:57 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

You know I was gonna have a top 20 list like last time and throw some of them other cats on it, ie COSBY/DIFF WORLD, MC Giver, AMEN, 21 Jumpstreet, and Webster, the only problem was, I didnt want this post hanging to the bottom of the

Didnt know that about DEE, also, DID you know that Rog and Dwayne are Scientologist??

Knight Rider was cool, but i kept waiting for him to get into an accident. I was a very rough kid...But hey, it was driven by the kind of guy im sure you'd like new P fantasy, Dog hopping outta Kip!


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