Friday, August 10, 2007

Who You wanna Ether??

You ever sometime just wanna ether a cat???????????? Seriuosly fam, I sometimes sit a my desk at work and come up with some of the nastiest ish imaginable to think about just in the event that somebody has the nerve to bring it to me one day.

Were all guilty of it. Everybody at work knows a little dirty secret about somebody else at work, and your'e just waiting for that one special moment in time when you can unleash a verbal assault on them so lethal that NAS himself will call you up and give props. Well in honor of that innner urge, I dug up this classic song..Ether.. Now as far as Beefs go, I can say that I have been an audio witness to some classics, however nothing (and I ready for the debate) compared to the lyrical onslaught Jay-Z was handed by NAS. I'd say the closest thing I could possibly come up with was LL taking on that cat with the same tattoo on his arm. (tells you how much I remember him huh)

Lemme just drop one of Nasty's quote-tacicular pieces on yall and let it simmer for a while....

You taebo ho tryin' you tryin to work it out you tryin to get brolic, ask me if im tryin to kick knowledge? No, I kick the shit I think you need to learn though, The Ether the shit that make ya soul burn slow... -Nasty Nas


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