Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dead or Wounded Uncle Sam Wants You!

Reading the News paper online this morning I notice something that was to good to pass up. Evidently the Army, doesn't have enough officers in its ranks so like any branch of the Military, they went on the recruiting road to get people to join. Who better then those who have already served seemed to be the M.O.

Well our friends at the Pentagon must have been really desperate, because evidently they've sent letters to Seriously Wounded and EVEN DECEASED SOLDIERS encouraging them to re-enlist. (I truly wish i were making this up)

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Real Talk

This may or may not be an accident as its being called by the Pentagon, but one thing for certain, if this were a member of my family getting this letter , we might have to come to words. This "clerical error" represents leadership and its failures from the top. An apology is the very least you should give a family member who lost somebody. What you need to do is give there families peace and come up with a way to end this foolishness so nobody else loses a loved one. RP


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