Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

Its a mid lunch time Monday and im blogging today about some of the Random thoughts that we all think, just never really get around to putting out there.

Random thought #1. Does it make me a self hater to want to live in a melting pot neighborhood , and not one with an overwhelming Majority of ONE race? Inside, so me and one of my neighbors were chatting it up after a jog and we came to realize that in our neighborhood, there's only 6 black families. We immediately gave each other dap, and said "good". Now, truth be told on this blog, you'll find im all about us doing for us BETTER then we do now, but growing up amongst our people, ive learned that some of us get in nice neighborhoods, and instantly "hood" it out.

(For the record, there are atleast 30 orso latin/mexican fam's 20 orso white, and 10 orso Asian)

Random Thought #2. Many people are worried that Vick wont make it through this current media fire storm. What puzzles me is, where were these people when one Koby Bean Bryant was in Littleton Colorado defending himself from a rape charge? Also, do these people see how well he bounced back?

Random Thought #3 So it appears that Hurricane Dean is gonna more then likely miss Houston. If it were on a direct path I wander what the Presidents approach would be? I mean his parents do call H-town home, and its probably in the Reddest (is this a word) state in the Union.

Random Thought # 4 With football approaching will I continue to keep my faith and go to church like i've been faithfully going to for the past 3 months now. Im sure I will, but the Devil's a crafty spirit. I've seen many a good man give his attention to the Church of Football. (Yall Prey for me)

Random thought 5. As far as my TV addiction goes, I wander If I can only watch 1 TV show a night, given the current Lineups what would they be..(Sports not Included) In this I m going by all yr and not seasonal.

Monday: Big Love

Tuesday: Law and Order SVU

Wednesday: Lost

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy

Friday: NBA Game of The Week

Saturday: College Football

Sunday: Desperate Housewives.

This is my A-team lineup.

Well, that'll do it..Your Thoughts.


At 3:41 PM , Blogger P said...

Random Thoughts:

Why are all of my friends now text messaging me telling me "Girl, I didn't know Mike Vick was fine!" You know how women are. . . They didn't QUITE know who he was until all of this came out. All I reply back is to tell them to look up Ron Mexico, and you tell me how fine you think he is after that, ummm kay?

Why does PETA run around mad at the world. I wonder do they protest legal hunting like this. See they don't know me, I'm a sista from the hood. I will walk into their office for an appointment with a two piece and a biscuit in a minute.

Where is Nip Tuck and why hasn't it came back into my life, yet?

At 4:12 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

b/c it premiers in september/october. its part of the fall show lineup...remember it started out as a summer show, got big and decided to Move to the fall. They moved to LA thus pissing me off..
As for Ron Mexico, yeah no one like a sexy guy w/ herpes.. you know his money adds to his attraction right??

how many of your friends woud give him or Jigga a second look if they made blue collar money?


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