Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NFL Upsets, 24,Jennifer Hudson, and how I spent MLK Day. Recap

Currently were experiencing a cold front down here in San Antonio, so for the past 3 days, I was pretty much held captive by my TV and , for what its worth, Im happy to report i was not the east disappointed..

Saturday (temp. 45)

It all started Saturday, when I got to watch the Colts protect there house and serve up Ray Ray and his B-more Ravens. I actually picked the Colts and won a six pack in the deal so i was happy with that. Later on that Night it was much of the same for my boys in the NO as they showed the Iggles they are in fact America's New Team. Despite the fact that Reggie Bush got JACKED UP !

Sunday (temp. 39/42)

Sunday Rolled up and ya boy took a step outside and notice the weather really didnt improve , but in fact got worse so that meant more football. My adopted Seattle team was facing the Bears lead by Wrecks the Gross-man. Wrecks was in effect, and kicker Robbie Gould brought his big game clutch foot to the table, and my poor brotha's from another motha got sent home with nothing more then a bum Hassleback, and a coach who decided to throw deep on 3rd and 2, rather then run his MVP running back.

And while im on MVP Running backs, the beautiful city of San Diego, which happens to covet the current MVP, Ladanian Tomlinson , showed me that shutting own your own all-pro wont win you a game. LT was held to only 9 carries all game. But, believe it or not, the Patriots didnt win easy. As many who follow football know, Marty wont go out like that. His losses have to literally gut the fan base, and make you really question if this man is either a coach, or some drunk guy the pulled from the bleachers. You see Marty decided to call a timeout when his player fumbled away potential game ending interception. We to this day have no idea what he was challenging(unless it was the nerves of Chargers fans everywhere.) This mistake cost his team a time out they could have used to move the ball down the field on the last drive. I just know that some where Payton ruined a perfectly good bottle chucking it at the wall of beer when he saw Marty literally giving the game away to the Pats.

Pumped up after to a weekend of nail biters, I get ready for the season premiere of 24. People, it would be a crime for me to ruin this , so rather then blow it for those who may have TIVO it, let me just say this, expect the unexpected, and don't leave ,b/c IF YOU DO, you will miss something..

It was kinda hard for me to get jazzed up for my Desperate Housewives after that. Its kinda like going to a concert and hearing the main act first. Somehow i pushed forward though. And wouldn't you know it, the girls came through and delivered some of the juiciest story Ive seen in that show...

Bullet Quick Summary...Edie's Nephew got caught, Lynette saw the restaurant and flashed an old man to obtain a liquor licence, and Bree's hubbies ex wife decided she'd move her crazy ass directly across the street from them. Oh yeah and Gabby's stalker turned out to be the crazy kid who use to date Susan's Daughter. If that was to fast click here

Monday (temp.40/35)

Monday brought me back to reality. I woke up and paid homage to the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Post Directly below) and though the weather only got worse, I shuffled on out of the house and made it to work on time. Work was cut short due to there being absolutely no one there so I went home and caught up on some much needed sleep. Later in the day the fam, would all get together and watch part 2 of 24. Once again, I'm not spoiling any of you, I just wont go there..But know this, Its the greatest show on the air right now, and missing it you only hurting you. While channel surfing , I got to the golden globes and saw that Eddie and J.Hudson won. One can only assume that this is a pre-cursor for bigger and better awards.


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