Friday, January 12, 2007

My Visit to Seattle Grace

Last night we saw the much anticipated return of Grey's Anatomy. (Its on the fav's list)..I can tell you now, its building up for some incredible drama, so for those who missed it, and don't want to get spoiled, click here to watch the show in its entirety. For those ready and on the go here's my spoiler...

Izzy tries to convince Bailey that shes ready to scrub back in so she can get on a case that involves a girl with
a crooked spine. Bailey who still is recovering from being made a fool of by Izzy has her doubts and tells Izzy she can return to the scrub stage provided she cashes her 8.7 million dollar check she got from her late boyfriend.

Meredith's dad stops by to check in on his grand daughter and this seems to bother Grey, one can assume the abandonment issues she thought she was over with him are still lingering. Grey's mom went black and never went back both figuratively and literally thus forcing Grey's dad to leave her at a young age..Speaking of families, George's dad is prepped for his second surgery when its discovered that the cancer that they thought was contained to his stomach, has actually spread through out his kidney's esophagus and lower intestinal region. Rather then close him up and send him home, he urges the doctors to remove all the chance forcing Webber and Bailey to gut and scar him. His road to recovery looks dim.

Finally we leave you with the Burke and Yang drama. There still not talking, and one can assume its because of the surgery and getting dimed out by yang that Burke is still mum. The love is still there in there relationship, but Burke is clearly more cautious . Almost forgot about Krev. Looks like he and a certain gynecologist might be ready to do what seems like the inevitable.


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