Monday, January 08, 2007

Wysteria Lane was Poppin Last Night...

For my new peepz I put this out there a while ago , so allow me to give you somewhat of a recap. My favorite shows are Desperate Housewives Gray's Anatomy, Lost, 24, The Office, Earl, Americas Next Top Model, The Wire and Nip Tuck.. Some of these shows may infact take my mancard and run it through a shredder, but thats ok..I love em anyway.....(I'm not counting Sorpanos or Big Love b/c of current hiatus status)

To avoid being Spoiled Click here to watch the show.

On to the Housewives Recap///

Last night we learned that Bree's husband ex-wife is still very much alive and well. Its safe to say that she's up to something considering she was in the back of a room injecting herself prior to a Bree scheduled dinner. In Susan news her creeping and crawling unveiled that Mike may not have killed mystery girl x, but in a classless move she decides she's gonna drop dime on Bree's new Beau thus putting an end to Her and Bree's friendship.

Since I'm on Susan I might as well take this opportunity to point out this, her daughter got gamed. Props to Edie's nephew for hitting her with Man Law cant miss the panties line.

*Warning Fellas, only break this line out when its apparent you are so close yet so far to getting it *

"Its cool, I know you re a virgin I can respect that. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do" Translation for the ladies:
I'm really trying to hit it, and if this line doesn't work, I'm pretty much leaving you in a week. Translation number2: Its cool, I'll just call my breezie on the ____side and go handle that then.

To make matters worse, Edie's nephew is also hittin Bree's daughter on the side.

For my fans of Lynette, her ego was put on hold while trying to welcome in and raise her husband's daughter from his affair. (recap: that baby-mom got shot in the grocery store) If you know Lynette, you know she doesn't put up with anything. Well this little girl has obviously found a button her 3 sons, indecisive husband and controlling boss couldn't. Lynette is sympathetic to those who have suffered. Lynette allows this girl to eat in front of the TV, and act a fool out in town while eating. It goes without saying that Lynette will figure this one out, but it will not be easy. Direct quote from the new daughter, "I'll give her a chance dad, but I will never lover her." this from a 7 yr old.

Finally we come to Gabrielle. Her dating life is starting off on a bad foot. She's is convinced that Carlos is spying on her, and wrecks her date to prove it. She's sent flowers from an anonymous person and to prove they came from Carlos, she locks a florist in a freezer to prove it. Unfortunately, she's wrong, and runs off her date.


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