Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why I Think Ohio St. Will Win.....

Ok, its been 50 days and by now you've probably seen the Boise St. miracle, and told yourself, this is only a precursor to the Championship game. Well, let RP be the first to take you back to reality as I give you my Top 10 reasons why Ohio St. Will 100% no doubt in my mind absolutely murder Florida this time tomorrow night.

10. Jim Tressel. Anybody catch that this dude is a whopping 3-0 in BCS Games to include a National Championship and an embarrassment over Notre Dame. Dude can flat out coach and if you dont believe me,
check the record.

9. Im just not sold on Chris Leak. Can he get it done, no doubt, but his arm strength is questionable, and he runs scared. Tim Tebow comes in win they need short yardage and that, does not wow me.

8. Can I get a playmaker? Somebody name for me on Florida's Offense one playmaker. Name for me 1 guy they can depend on on 3 and 7?

7. Troy Smith is good Really Good. I mean evade a tackle, twirl around in a loop, and toss a 50 yard touchdown pass good. All in one play. Somewhere many NFL GM's are scratching there head about just how good he's gonna be.

6. De-fense clap clap De-fense clap clap. Given OSU's ability to beat you with Pittman on the ground, and Tedd Ginn big Play ability, I just dont see Florida's defense getting a break. Despite the "SEC" speed I here so much about.

5. Reggie Nelson is just 1 man. All American Safety and bona fide first rounder Reggie Nelson is good, but asking him to provide over the top help to Tedd Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez might be asking way to much of the man. His teammates are going to have to play big in order for them to win and I just don't see it. Tedd Ginn was once clocked to run a 4.19 40. Ask Aaron Ross how fst that is. 1 move is all it takes for him to be by you and into the wind.

4. There not USC. And because there not USC many of you are skeptical. Last year, I knew 1 person out of 50 who told me with a straight face that Texas would beat USC. Now I survey those same 50 , and I have at least 20 orso telling me there picking Florida. Relax people. This team isn't full of themselves. Ohio St. always delivers. They have a brass balls coach and a defense lead by Jim Laurinaitis . He's a monster.

3. Check The Schedule Florida has played some absolute monsters. How much can you have in the tank after, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU and Ten. just to name a few. Thats a schedule thats wears ateam thin. Ohio st. got pass Texas and Michigan and essentially had a cake walk

2. Them Damn Florida Boys. If youve never been there I cant explain it, but let me try to break it down in its simplest of forms. Distractions are a plenty. They play hard, because they party like the worlds coming to an end. Im willing to bet you that 80% of that team has already got post celebration plans set up if they win. Keep a sharp eye on CNN, they get flat out stupid. BS aside, if they can get focused I'd like there chances, but thats asking alot .

1. Ohio St. wants it more. This is a team that felt it should have been playing in this game last year. This Florida team is a UCLA upset away from being in the Sugar Bowl. Ohio St. is more physical, more talented and bring a more determined work ethic to the field. Given the almost 2 month layoff, I expect sluggish play at first, but rest assured in the end It will be another Ohio St. Championship ..

Final Score Ohio St. 35 Florida 17


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