Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New York, Why Not...

Since my football game was pretty much a blow out, it allowed me plenty of free time to flip over to VH1 and catch Flav's main number #2 gal NY in her quest to find love on her show I LOVE NY.
I can honestly say that I was very impressed with her show and I cant wait to next weekto see who gets eliminated.

Interesting Points.

1. Its clear that NY's mom will have a very powerful impact

2. New York has a very soft spot for thugs.

3. Big Guys get no love. ie Wood and T-bone( though, if she'd a gave T-bone a necklace , i wouldve been a little surprised)

If youre taking bets as to who is going to last on the show, my money is on either Onix, or Chance.

My Most Interesting : tie Pootie and Tweed
My long shot. Boston

What say you?


At 10:22 PM , Blogger YAZMAR said...

Y is NY so in love with Chance....that shit boggles my mind...NY is quite entertaining eventhough she's built like a 12 year old boy


At 7:23 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

my guess is NY has a soft spot for thugz..


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