Monday, January 08, 2007

OK, Raise your Hand If You Predicted This.Florida romps Ohio st. 41-14

First, let me get the pleasantries out the way. RIC-B, You were right, AGAIN and no one knows college football like you do. You had Florida ever since week 5, and I and many others laughed at you. AND, Just like last year when you were the only one to pick Texas, I must scream it to the roof tops that you are a college football GURU who's opinion should never be questioned.
That was painful. Not because I was wrong, but because so many were so wrong. Now, every time you hare a non SEC college football game, be prepared to get hit with , "Oh these teams are ok, but they lack SEC speed. Ask ____________ . I honestly dont even know where to begin.
The Florida Gators front 7 dominated this game sacking Troy Smith 5 times. Being constantly pressured along with no deep threat mean that(Ted Ginn was injured) Florida could double up Anthony Gonzalez and freeze out the rush... Chris Leak played phenomenal marching his team down field time after time again, and when Tebow did come in , he powered his way trough a beat up d-line who seemed like they were beaten into submission.
Notre Dame thinks the Buckeyes got Mud Stomped. You know thats bad...Well its getting late, and I have to let my phone charge (wifey was paying bills and talking to her parents) Thank god for it to, evidently I missed 12 calls which are no doubt from people who READ THIS and now want to rub my face in it...
Real Talk
Attention Media. Hyping up a team only makes Las Vegas look good. This is the 2nd year in a row your can't miss, sure fire , lock of the year, bet the farm pick has lost. What does that tell you? It say's all you do is provide bulletin board material for the little guy. Somewhere, Mack Brown (UT) , Bill Bellicheck(1st Pats SB Win), and Tony La Russa (STL ) are all at a bar wating for Urban Meyer so they can buy him a drink and welcome him to the We get No Respect Club. rp


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