Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Joumana and Jason these Were Happy Times..

How fitting that on the day of my anniversary to my wife, Jason Kidd is filing for divorce. (One of my absolute favortive players. ) Kidd accuses Joumana Kidd of physically and mentally abusing him, threatening to make false domestic violence complaints against him to police, and of interfering with his relationship with his children.

To be fair spousal abuse in this relationship was first reported back in 1997 when Joumana called 911 to get protection from Jason when him and her got into an altercation over French Fries.

Currenty its being reported that Joumana (who by the way is barred from the Continental Arena ) used her son to get into the Nets Locker roo so that she can rifle through Jason's cell phone and look for numbers that may not have been there before. Once she got the information she needed she left her 8 yr old son in the lockerroom, and went to her seat in the Arena and then began to BOO and yell obsenities at her husband Jason.

I can still remember all the shots of J and Little J watching Dad play..They seemed so happy then. I anticipate this to get ugly. She's not your average hoody who got hitched up to a superstar. She's educated, and financially set in her own regards. So expect a nasty legal battle..

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