Sunday, January 14, 2007

Confederate Flag Hate Symbol and those to Ignorant to Notice....Real Talk

H.K. Edgerton(pictured above) a former member and chapter president of the NAACP actually marched 1300 miles carrying this flag to each and every southern state to as he put it
expand the awareness of the need to defend Southern heritage, history and the
rightfulness of the Confederate cause here in the South, across the entire
United States and around the world.

I guess what hurts the most about his march is that its the same march a famous civil right leader made to ensure hate crimes would cease and voting rights were instilled in this country. Somewhere this Uncle Tom lost his way.. If you get bored Google Image Search his name and I guarantee you, the results will shock you, this image was one of the rare ones I could stomach.
While channel flipping this morning I came across a segment on ESPN that caught my eye , an if you'll allow me, I want to express some of my personnel comments to the show they had ..ESPN's version of 20/20 Outside the Lines are OTL tackles issues not expressed on the Football field or Basketball Court. Today the issue was the Confederate Flag in South Carolina, and how it affects that sate receiving additional Sports Tournaments and other benefits from the NCAA's.

This is an issue I actually agree with the NCAA with. That flag (the confederate flag) like it or not, represents the most menial of acts, the most unforgivable, despicable, and dirtiest thing this country has ever done and to simply shrug it off , or attempt to convince the public that its nothing more then your show of affection to the south is unacceptable. Were this flag flown when the British came here , I can guarantee you, this flag would be banned, and anyone flying it would be the butt of many treason jokes.

I can find no good reason in 2007 to fly this symbol of hate. None. Slavery in this country happened. And those who fought to preserve that liberty fought under this flag. When slavery was abolished , and it became apparent the south would succeed that flag should have been on notice then. Now in the modern day era , we still have 2 states Mississippi, and South Click, who seem to think that keeping it up is crucial to the perseverance of there heritage.

Well I'll tell you what it is prevalent to but you wont like it. To me, its prevalent to preserving the notion that the south still has barefoot, inbred slack jawed rednecks to ignorant to realize that the Civil War is over. Period. To me it cast a flag of stupidity rather then that of intellect. Rp....


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