Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why Im through Gambling...

If you noticed my blog earlier this week you probably saw that i picked against the Colts and the Bears. Well just like the Buckeyes did me earlier this year I was duped again.

The Bears won with the same recipe I thought the Saints would use, but didn't. Smash mouth running and solid defense. And the Colts won by will and determination. I take my hat off to both teams. Though I lost twice this weekend, as an African American being able to see 2 black head coaches in the Superbowl is alright by me.



At 7:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Give me a break, You are not an African American. You are an American. True 2-black coaches made it to the SuperBowl,but they have a lot of races playing on there teams.


At 10:06 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


you are correct, both teams do have alot of coaches, buteach team only has ONE Head Coach, and they both happen to be BLACK. An occurence that has never happened. Tks for reading..

At 11:27 AM , Anonymous enigmatik said...

Hilarious comment above...anyways, this is good stuff man. And don't feel bad because I was going for the Saints and the Patriots as well. Oh well, I'm glad to be wrong this time.

At 12:29 PM , Blogger smoothie said...


Man Im thinking long and hard about that ticket...the times are really good right now.


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