Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vick is the Water Cooler

Well at the Gym, the Gas Station and the Job Spot, all the talk is of Michael Vick. Being in Texas if its football related, odds are its going to be the talk. You hear so many different opinions on the matter that at time's I think people are persuaded by the media and thus loose there ability to think clearly and freely. Well, if I ve never gave you my opinion on this whole Vick thing are if you need my finite commentary, i'm going to lay it all for you today.

My honest opinion is if you gave me 120Million Dollars , and told me to throw a football , and walk a straight line, well, lets just say, thats exactly what I'd do. In the confines of my home, i'd make a megaplex movie theater, and just for grins buid a starbucks w/staff no less. But thats me. My vice is movie's. I can watch them new and old, subtitled or native tongue all day.

Mike's vice was dog fighting. I grew up around it. I never understood it. Whenever I would see a dog clammering for its life, part of me thought I was sick just being there. But , Im not Mike. One can assume, that Mike grew up around this and many more uncouth practices while in Va. and without the guidance of a Father Figure to tell him of the rights and wrongs just accepted this and im pretty sure several other practices that may make you cringe inside. I wont get on to much of a Family Soapbox, b/c it stirs up more debate then it should, but I will say this, kids that grow up with both mom and dad down the road are much more successful in life. (Fact)
If I were commissioner of the NFL i'd suspend Mike Vick this year and next year. One year for gambling and one year for dogfighting. Then, like our society has done for yrs and yrs, I'd give him a second chance. He's deserving just like anyone else.

With all of the above said, part of me wanders if he's truly getting a bad wrap. Lets face it, the NFL has money launders (drug related) substance abusers (2 and 3 timers) and has had its fair share or Rapist, and people who think its cool to drive around Tipsy. All of this I rank way higher then Fido squaring up against Tinkerbell.


At 3:45 PM , Blogger P said...

Bad News for the Bad Newz Kennelz owner/operator/proprietor, et. al. My question is, haven't white folks been the number one folks in the world that taught us it was okay to run around with power, priviledge and wealth and get away with bloody murder?

Guess it's not okay to get away with bloody murder anymore after the OJ Simpson case. That's only for white folks. We can't do it, or we will be subjected to (fill in the blank).

PS: Have you noticed how many white folks (no offense to who may read your site) call Mike Vick, OJ, Et. Al "Animals and how they need to be strung up, etc. etc."

Yeah, Yeah.

At 4:07 PM , Blogger smoothie said...

trust me, its a statistic, they dont rarely bring up...unless of course its one of us doing the dirt...

i actually think in regards to white people that by and large they are media driven. Thats the one thing minorities can say proudly they wont let influence there decisions.


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