Friday, March 14, 2008

Gas Prices Sore ..Armageddon is Here.....

Most of yall reading this have a gas tank that at its lowest holds about 15 gallons, and at its high point, can take about 34 gallons. Well, if you live in certain parts of Southern Cali, or one of my ex-states Hawaii, welcome to a world that requires you to take a loan out, in order to fill the pump.

Quick Ghetto Maf..

4.00 x 16 Gallons = 64.00 to refill on E.

Oh, and for yall tryin to get over by buying a 4 cylinder with 22 Gallons.

4.00 x 22 Gallons = 88.00 gallons to refill when on E.

Im'a make it about as simple as I can. If I aint gotta be there, I aint going there. If you need a ride from me, fat four dollars a tank gas yep, i'm chargin you for it. Yep, we back in highschool again.
Rock the Vote peepz.. Check This Gas Drama Out


At 12:46 AM , Blogger P said...

The gas prices are ridiculous and overwhelming. You know me, I'm a conspiracy theorist. It's getting to the point where they are trying to set us up where we believe that 3.50 per gallon is CHEAP, and forget under two dollars, that hasn't been seen in well over a year.

Not to mention, that at this point, I am commuting back and forth to work (that will be getting squashed real soon). In any case, I don't like being held hostage by gas, because I usually be on the G.O. But frankly, that's how it's been looking lately. It puts a hurting on your budget regardless to the socio economic status. It's ridiculous.

Gas, Grass, or Ass, nobody rides for free. (You don't know nothing about that old school term).

At 4:43 AM , Blogger smoothie said...


who you tallkin to, in the dirty we said ass, cash or gas....yall on the west just wanted an excuse to the real, i dont even fill my truck up..i have to fill it to half. at full, it cost me 60

there was a time in Tx, when that was 3 weeks on full. now...i just dont know...


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