Friday, January 25, 2008

MJ Releases 23rd Jordan Shoe in 23 Cities..Price???

You can take all the guesses you want at the price fam, but let me rest your brain cells now. That new joint is gonna run you $230.00 Hot Rocks! Here's where I tell you MJ lost his mind....Wait for it1.......................2..............................Who am i kidding, MJ is a genius. HE IS THE ONLY PERSON who can do this, and the only person who will still sell out in the process. I have been the proud owne of 4 of his namebrand through out my life, and if it wasnt for the fact that im a family man, I to would own a pair of this very LIMITED EDITION, hard to find, must get shoe.

MJ, you sir are a brilliant business man. To my peepz waitin at Foot Action, Champs, and Foolt Locker at 3 am in the freezin cold and rain, Let me know if it was worth it.


At 1:07 AM , Blogger P said...

Patricia doesn't really care what this subject is about, considering that she loves the picture you put up there of recently divorced MJ.

Considering that Patricia is not speaking of herself in the third person, that will tell you that my concern is saving this as my desktop background and adding it to her disturbing collection of MJ pictures that very well might get her issued a temporary restraining order.

At 4:54 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

he is single now...and who 230 a shoe, bruh, got a lil loot...P dont feel to bad, i have a very disturbing collection of an oscar winning actress...


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