Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stomp The Yard Review, Championship Summary, and Thoughs on Roger Clemens

National Championship Game

Ok , so if youre like me and picked OSU last year b/c of the strength and power of Ohio St. you gotta be feeling some sort of vendication this year when you picked against them right? Here's the biggest lesson I want all college football fans, and even those who dont watch all that often to take from last night. I dont care how good your coaches are, your scheme is, or momentum , if I can out speed you, then im theoretically in the game. Thats how LSU won last night. Never has a lack of speed and talent been more evident then last nights championship game. Well last year, as also. The South Eastern Conference (SEC) has NFL calibur talent by the droves and when you play that level of competition every Saturday, its fairly easy to take on small fries like Ohio St.

If youre Ohio ST. this one represents 2 yrs in a row of you getting out athletisized. I dont know hat that means to you, butr to me it means youre at the little table. The big piece of chicken once again eludes you. Thats for dad.

My thoughts on Roger.

Thanks for stealing my me time. (fellas you know the time im talkin about to) If you honestly thought that phone call did anything to help you, then someone is advising you in the wron direction. You know what it reminded me of, the exchange I use to have with my high school sweetheart when it was time to hang up the phone and go to bed.

Roger and Brian Mc Namee
Whadda ya want me to do
I want you to tell the truth

Me and High school sweetie
You hang up
No you hang up

Roger and McNamee
Roger I say again im tryn whadda ya want
I just..I dunno
Me and Sweetie
I love you
i love you more
no I love you more ...

This would go on for appx. 17 minutes. Now, If you had the sonava'bitch that pretty much ran your record into the mud and pissed on it when he was done, you mean to tell me lawyers or not, you dont plan on blowin up? Let me put this in lamens. If some guy is tellin people that you have an STD and you know his isnt true, you honestly plan to be civil when on the phone with him? I dont think so. You put my name out there, and im comin out gunz ablaze. NQA.
So here's where we stand., you have a man tryin to rebuild whats left of his good name. Who, alledges he knew nothing of his best friend in the whole world using, swears that he never cheated, and still engages in conversations with the man that accused him. Yeah, im calling BS.

The entire era from 1988-2004 might as well as never happened if you ask this baseball fan. Its all shotty. Ther are far to many hands dirty to let the clean ones pass. I will say this though, it goes to the measure of the man if you have to cheat. Im not hear to tell you that im turning down millions of dollars if allz I gota do is hit a baseball. I am hear to tell yall that i'd man up to it. In the end, my families set up for life, and coming from where I came from that says alot. Yes my name may mean cheat, and in Websters you look up cheat and see me cheezin, but my family can eat, all of my family can. Thats what makes me happy..

Stomp the Yard Review
In case you were wandering why Megan Good is pictured above, its b/c i finally caught Stomp the Yard on BSTRZ over the Holidayz. Fam, I gotta be honest, this movie was ok, but it reminded me clip for clip like the movie Nick Cannon did. (My computer is freezing now, but the one with the dueling bands) Kid with troubled past yet gifted talent goes on to stomp and help the guys who lose consistently win. In doing so, he gets the girl , and gets kicked off the team, only to get back on due to a last minute decision. I crave originality from my black folk. Frankly I didnt get it here. Now the good thing is im a HUGE Megan Good fan, and that allowed for the additional star...Thats about it though.
2 stars (based on a 5pt scale)


At 11:29 PM , Anonymous Mel said...

dayum, she look good

At 9:31 AM , Blogger smoothie said...

im thinkin Mel, that when she's in a movie the people who direct them say, "Hey, even if this movie flops, as long as she's in it, people will come...."


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