Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back From Baltimore Laptop Issues and Merry Xmas

Peepz. I dont know how to begin to tell you all the fun I had while in Baltimore this past week. Now normally to some of my new readers, youll catch me recapping how my days went each time I go to a city ive never been to before. Unfortunatly, my laptops backlight inverter went out, so I had nothing and I do mean NOTHING, on my most recent Road trip. However, I'll recap some of my Baltimore highlights.

1. If you like crab, this is the place for you. Phillips Seafood located on the Harbor is a knockout! I strongly reccomend the Trio Crab Cake Combo.

2. Black folk are everywhere there. I have never seen a city in which there are SOOOOO MANY Black Proffesionals. It was like a twilight zone episode that went the way of absolute perfection.

3. Its cold as all get out there this time of year. I was at John Hopkins all week, and oh yeah that place averaged 32 degrees. Freezing...

4 This is the worst time to fly..I left the Marriort at 430 for a 7am flight, and BWI was rediculous.

Fam, I wanna take this time out , to say that I have welcomed over 200+ unique new visitors to the site, and for a guy who started doing tis as a way to express all the randomness in his head, that means alot to me. Its been a very busy year, and you guys have came back, even when there were times like this past week when Ive been to busy to type. I cant began to tell you all how much that means to me. Im gonig to bring more and more heat to the blog. and the moment my laptop is back up and running , expect me to continue my road show clowning as well.

Its ther Holidays, Tommorow, I plan on doing an OSF and maybe a surprise post . With that said Happy Holidays to all, I wish you peace and God Bless.


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